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Approaching the Prospective Donor: Step 3 of the Cause Selling Cycle

First impressions matter — you’ll never get a second chance to make one, so make the initial meeting count. During this webinar, we’ll discuss both your nonverbal approach and verbal greeting, as well as describe the seven interest-capturing statements that deepen your connection with prospective donors.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Series: Prospecting for Diverse Major Donors

This valuable webinar will help you identify actual methods and techniques for broadening your pipeline to include a more diverse major donor base.

Set Yourself Up for Success with Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Webinar by Elizabeth Hilbert, Product Marketing Manager, Classy. Whether you're looking to expand your donor base, grow awareness for your mission, or give your supporters a new way to get involved, peer-to-peer fundraising is a strategy you can't ignore. This webinar will dive into the strategies and tactics needed to plan and execute a successful peer-to-peer campaign.

The Missing Link In Your 2019 Digital Fundraising Strategy

Webinar by Francisco Martinez, Educator, Speaker, and Professional Marketing Consultant and Trainer, Sanford Institute of Philanthropy. Digital fundraising has become a vital tool to effectively and creatively engage, inform, and steward your donors. Join our webinar to learn how to determine the right digital platforms and set goals for your nonprofit’s social media strategy that map to your organization’s strategic goals.

Donor Stewardship and Planned Giving

In this exclusive webinar, attendees learn planned giving and donor stewardship strategies that maintain and strengthen donor relationships.

Perfecting the Pitch

In this exclusive webinar, attendees learned valuable skills to enhance presentation skills – planning the presentation, telling a compelling story, and building meaningful relationships with donors.

Social Media for Nonprofits

In this exclusive webinar, we explored different ways to use analytics and social media to build your brand, promote your organization, and effectively reach your target audience.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Series: Engaging Black Philanthropists

How often has your senior staff and/or Board raised concerns about the lack of diversity in your leadership? Staff? Donors? This webinar will provide strategies for you and your team to go beyond talking about diversity to create a culture of comprehensive diversity in your nonprofit.

Why Do Donors Leave?

Learn how investing time and energy into retaining your current donors can affect your organization’s bottom line.

You and the Future of Doing Good

In this webinar you will learn practical tips for fundraisers to prepare for the future of their organizations and how to manage in times of change.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Philanthropy

How often has your senior staff and/or Board raised concerns about the lack of diversity in your leadership? Staff? Donors? This webinar will provide strategies for you and your team to go beyond talking about diversity to create a culture of comprehensive diversity in your nonprofit.

Telling a Good Story: Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions

Learn how to tell a good story to move donors’ hearts and inspire action Together, we will discuss: What makes a powerful story and how can I integrate that story into fundraising, marketing, and advocacy? What is narrative? How does it differ from story? How can my organization influence and shift the narrative that dominates our issue area? What is the latest research to help take our communications to the next level?

A Fulfilling Career in Philanthropy

In this webinar you’ll learn how to avoid burnout; opportunities and resources exist to help me grow in my career; and what nonprofits look for in their development staff...

Becoming a Master Prospector

In this webinar you’ll learn to become a master prospector on your team. You will learn: how to build valuable and lasting relationships with donors, improve your success rate in converting prospects to donors and understand and deploy various methods of prospecting.

Supercharge Your Board (Nonprofit Board Development)

Explore how to optimize your board as advocates, donors, and fundraisers with speaker, Todd Schultz, vice president for institutional advancement at the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. In this exclusive webinar, you’ll learn how to engage your Board in the entire fundraising process, how to establish expectations from the outset, and effective tactics for involving the right Board members.

Top Seven Ways to Refresh Your Nonprofit's Social Media Strategy in 2018

In this exclusive webinar we will hear from a leading social media strategist will share ideas on how to develop a social media strategy to deliver value to your bottom line.

Behavioral Styles in Fundraising

In this exclusive webinar, we will explore how to gain insight into how your donor is thinking and how to find the best way to approach prospects.

Digging for Donors: Your Database as a Mine

In this exclusive webinar, attendees learn about leveraging your database as a donor-prospecting tool. You’ll hear industry secrets from Kathryn Adams Farrel, founder and principal consultant for a successful nonprofit consulting firm.

Cause Selling: Building Donor Loyalty

Learn how to present and explore cause selling as an effectively methodology and build long term relationships with donors. Speaker Tom Karlo, KPBS’ general manager since February 2009, will show you how fundraising efforts can be improved through impactful stories of various generations of donors.

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