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The Magical Force Of Major Gift Donors

Kristin Romaine Development Director, VerturLab and Trainer, Sanford Institute of Philanthropy Kristin believes saving our earth is the most urgent philanthropic and humanitarian effort or our time. Currently serving as Development Director at VertueLab, a clean tech acceleration program for early stage startups in the Pacific Northwest, she is implementing philanthropic models to provide innovation […]

The Magical Force of Major Gift Donors

Strong donor relationships are critical to fundraising success at all stages of the development cycle and at all levels of giving. This webinar covers how to invest in the practice of valuing, nurturing, and earning donor loyalty from the start to retain your loyal donors before and after the holiday giving season.

Approaching the Prospective Donor: Step 3 of the Cause Selling Cycle

First impressions matter — you’ll never get a second chance to make one, so make the initial meeting count. During this webinar, we’ll discuss both your nonverbal approach and verbal greeting, as well as describe the seven interest-capturing statements that deepen your connection with prospective donors.