Sanford Institute of Philanthropy seminars consist of fundraising training programs that combine business principles and fundraising concepts on professional selling, relationship development, marketing, cause selling, the “art of asking”, effective communication, and the ethics of fundraising. A combination of theory and practical application, these sessions give fundraising professionals a proven framework and skill set for increasing their ability to cultivate donors, effectively steward donor relationships and develop their nonprofit leadership skills.

Develop Skills in Specific Areas

Ideal for nonprofit professionals who want to develop their skills in specific areas rather than taking the full Fundraising Academy curriculum, participants can choose from more than 30 different seminars offered at various times and locations.

Topics are subject to change. Check back as new seminars are added often.

Customized Seminars

Institute seminars can be customized for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to leverage specific skill-building techniques to improve fundraising results. Instructors include nonprofit leaders, subject matter experts and university professors.

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