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Designed to enhance core competencies in fundraising, the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy’s nonprofit educational programs empower nonprofit professionals to improve their fundraising skills in the areas of Cause Selling, Marketing, Fundraising Strategies and Relationship Building.

A Complete Curriculum of Fundraising Seminars and Training Courses


Cause Selling Cycle / Explore the eight steps good fundraisers must take to become great fundraisers. Based upon successful business principles, these steps present practical techniques for connecting with donors, effectively communicating your cause, and cultivating long-term relationships.

Prospecting / Successful prospecting is essential to nonprofit fundraising success. In this course, you will explore 10 different prospecting methods while learning how to manage prospect information more consistently and accurately.

Approaching the Donor / Making a great first impression plays a critical role in securing donor gifts. Learn how to make a strong first impression by presenting yourself in a way that builds trust and credibility with prospects.

Questioning and Listening Techniques / Asking good questions and listening with your full attention are both an art and a skill. Learn how to develop effective questioning strategies, ask the questions that every donor needs to answer, and develop techniques for improving your listening skills.

Making a Compelling Presentation / Effective presentations motivate donors to become true advocates of your organization and its cause. Develop your presentation skills by learning how to plan the presentation, tell a compelling story, and build meaningful relationships with donors.

Units of Conviction / These are compelling pieces of evidence that speak directly to the prospect’s aspirations, concerns or issues. Learn how to use them to design concise “mini-presentations” that serve as building blocks for a larger, more compelling presentation.

Features and Benefits / Your organization’s features are an important building block of any donor pitch. You can secure more gifts by using them to create an “elevator speech” that precisely communicates your benefits to prospects.

Welcoming Objections / Objections often represent a sign of interest from the prospect. Learn how to identify the various types of donor objections, what those objections really mean, and when and how to answer them.

The Ask / Learn how to secure more donations by understanding the importance of the close in the donor cultivation process, recognizing the signals that indicate a donor’s willingness to say yes, and securing the gift with confidence.

Stewardship and Donor Loyalty / How you follow up with donors after the gift is critical for maintaining strong relationships. Learn to understand the value of donor loyalty and the art of donor cultivation.

Planned Giving / Learn how to discuss the value proposition of planned or estate gifts with your donors.

Major Gifts / Discover how to identify major gift prospects, build targeted strategies for engaging with them, and successfully secure the gift.


Social Media / Explore different ways to use analytics and social media to build your brand, promote your organization, and effectively reach your target audience.

Online Fundraising / Keep your fundraising skills up to date by understanding the do’s and don’ts of online fundraising and developing techniques for increasing online donations.


Ethics in Fundraising / After studying the guidelines for ethical fundraising behaviors, you will learn how to formalize and adopt a code of ethics for your nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit Trends / This class provides a current overview of the nonprofit sector, including the “USA Giving Report” as well as statistics on individual, corporate and foundation giving.

Data Analysis / Learn how to use the best data analysis tools to understand donor database information, and analytics to predict modeling for donor segmentation.

The Next Generation of Giving / Enhance your ability to secure gifts from multi-generational donors by understanding their different decision-making and giving preferences.

Fundraising Plan / Study and practice key steps for building your organization’s fundraising plan, prioritizing your prospect base and achieving new levels of profitability.

Basics of Fundraising / Build a solid foundation for your fundraising efforts by exploring the basic principles of fundraising, including ethical and organizational factors.

A Fulfilling Career in Fundraising / Get better at what you love to do! This class presents the attributes and habits of successful fundraisers and helps you identify opportunities for building a rewarding nonprofit career.

Fundraising with Your Board of Directors / Help your nonprofit organization achieve greater success by learning to recruit the best board members for your organization and motivating them to assist with fundraising efforts.

Anatomy of a Principal Gift / Secure more principal gifts by developing relationship building strategies that lead to major gifts and identifying the right time to make the principal gift “ask”.


Donor Behavior / Increase donor contributions by studying the reasons people give, how to overcome communication barriers, and the effects of body language and proxemics on fundraising.

Social Styles / Improve your fundraising results by understanding how your social style impacts your communication with potential donors. Coursework covers the four dominant styles people use to send and receive information and how to approach prospects based on their individual styles.

Communication Skills / Relationship fundraising thrives on good communications. Learn to create mutual understanding by developing the skills to overcome common communication barriers and effectively use verbal and nonverbal communication cues.

The Donor Cube / Develop more effective fundraising strategies by understanding the seven faces of philanthropy and where your prospects fit in the Donor Cube (passion, giving type and social style).

Cause Marketing/Selling / Learn the role of cause selling in today’s market, and how to use the steps in the Cause Selling Cycle to build better donor relationships.

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