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The Sanford Institute of Philanthropy offers over 30 fundraising training modules designed to enhance the fundraising skills of nonprofit professionals. Our innovative curriculum blends best practices from the business and nonprofit sectors, empowering fundraisers to more effectively advance their causes and greatly impact their organizations.

For nonprofit professionals pursuing Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) certification, our courses are available for CFRE credit.

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The Cause Selling Cycle: Philanthropy in Motion

Successful fundraising depends upon the ability to create and maintain lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with like-minded donors who are willing and eager to provide financial support to the causes they feel passionate about. The Cause Selling Cycle provides a proven model for fundraising professionals that focuses on their donors’ passions, needs, and goals, as well as the needs of the cause and the fundraising organization, to build stronger relationships and increase donor contributions.

Program Overview

Cause Selling the Sanford Way

At the core of our curriculum, our Cause Selling textbook – written exclusively for the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy – offers an effective methodology for building long-term relationships using the 8-step Cause Selling Cycle. This step-by-step process identifies what professional fundraisers must do to improve fundraising results, and empowers them to develop the skills to successfully implement each individual program component and the process as a whole.

Flexible Program Formats for Easy Integration

To meet the diverse needs of today’s nonprofit professionals, we offer our fundraising and nonprofit training courses in a variety of flexible learning formats.

1 to 3 hours of classroom instruction

1 to 1.5 hours of classroom instruction

1.5 hours in intimate groups of no more than 20 (invitation only)

1 hour of instruction via online screen-sharing platforms such as Zoom and Webex

Fundraising Academy
80 hours of classroom instruction over eight months

Customized Cohorts
Group sessions customized to the needs of the organization

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